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The vision

Brain Harvest: An Almanac of Bad-Ass Speculative Fiction is the creation of a brooding Minnesotan neuroscientist, a zombie-obsessed sexpert, and the ex-burlesque dancing half-Jewish mother you never knew you wanted. We all write and read speculative fiction, and we share a dream: to deliver whiz-bang spec fic you can swallow in a mouthful, but that outlives all of us. Brain Harvest will publish electronically and can be read right here, or dispatched to your iPhone, Blackberry, or whatever other mobile device–and maybe, one day, straight into your brain.

The editors

The Brain Harvest editors all graduated from Clarion West in 2008 with a mutual adoration for each others’ badassery. They loved each other so much that they decided to take their love on the road.

Shane Hoversten
Despite being named by a certain magazine as one of 2004′s “Sexiest People”, Shane is widely considered a poor dresser.  Also, at this point he is more machine than man.

Eden Robins
Eden’s “dislikes” are more interesting than her “likes.” She is also probably allergic to you. She can sometimes be found hiding at

Editor Emeritus
Caren Gussoff
Caren enjoys serial commas, carbo loading, and long walks over hot coals. She can see the sky from where she is sitting. Check out her online musings at

Chief Executive Officer
Pamela Rentz
Pamela holds advanced degrees in organization and administration from several prominent universities. She posts pictures of dahlias and pumpkins at

Contact us

brains at brainharvestmag dot com for technical issues or other emergencies.