Posted on: January 8th, 2012 A Little Wild Mustard

By Danica Cummins

Pale mallow flowers on an island.

Some recollections have their own time, like bubbles floating through memory. This one: scuttling, afraid for my life, down the flanks of a cliff at night. We were going to see the meteors fire and die, over the black sea (gnawing so blindly at its own horizon).

Two of my friends stood in the shallows, and pressed their mouths together, as firmly as the pages of a closing book.

Quickly now—

Did I see? I can’t remember.

Did you see?


You see, this memory—this memory I drink from—has the feel of an age before time. That might not convey anything to you—but all the ticking stopped.

All the ticking stopped. The star Arcturus flamed, and fell into the sea.

And a black-prowed ship, with a unicorn figurehead, rose from the bed of kelp where the star had disappeared. It bragged its way across the waves toward us, keeling with a rusty grunt on the shore. My two friends stepped aboard, only one of them hesitating.

It lurched away, and carried my friends toward a brave, golden glow to the west. And I have seen them nevermore.

It was one of those destined kisses, I suppose. Mine just taste like spit.

As I climbed my way home through the darkness, the ticking began again underfoot.

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  1. Sandra M. Odell Says:
    January 8th, 2012 at 11:25 pm

    Absolutely lovely!

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