Posted on: March 25th, 2009 The Kissing Bug by Daniel Scott Buck

The Kissing BugEraserhead Press’ first foray into children’s book publishing (under new imprint, Spunk Goblin Press), remains faithful to Bizarro lit’s absurdist aesthetic done kid-friendly. Told in neo-Victorian style and elegantly illustrated by E.B. Harris, the book’s protagonist is Kristopher, a sweetly-drawn hero and blood-sucking assassin bug.

Kristopher is not your run of the mill kissing bug. In his secret Studio of Solitude, he paints portraits (in blood carefully portioned from his own feedings) of the human object of his affection, the mysterious Lady in the Room, and her daughter, the Girl in the Meadow.  He lives, in other words, a life of quiet contemplation.
But when the Girl in the Meadow is killed by the other kissing bugs, Kristopher’s peaceful and clandestine world is shaken. He must decide whether to bravely defend love and art, or be swept away by dark events that threaten to tear his universe apart. Tragic, funny, and charming.

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